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More leads or high quality leads?

One of the factors affecting goal conversions of the landing page is the size of the lead capture form. A shorter form usually results in more form fills, resulting in more leads as compared to form with more fields. But the quality of the leads will be better when visitor is willing to complete more […]

3 Tips for better CTA (Call to Action)

A good call to action creates a sense of urgency and  tells the subscriber or visitor exactly what they will be  getting when they click or take action. A good call to action always results in higher conversions. Well designed  Call To Action: Starts with verb or text that convey’s action:  examples  such as “Download Now!” , […]

3 Must Haves For Successful Landing Page

Success of any campaign depends on the number conversions from the landing page. A well designed landing page plays an important role in generating trust and engaging visitors. Impact-full Headline : Visitor spends a few seconds looking plus analyzing your web content before engaging, these few short words of text are absolutely critical in deciding factor for conversions. Clear […]

Email Subject Lines

Subject lines play important role in email  deliver-ability, click-throughs and conversion rates. Hence, should be short, compelling and engaging – it should create a sense of urgency and make reader eager to know more about your offer. Check out some best and worst subject line examples from MailChimp. Image: