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Webinars for lead generation

There are several steps involved in organizing an event like webinar: Selecting industry relevant topic Finding an industry expert speaker/presenter Creating  landing page with lead capture form Setting up pre and post email campaigns Most important – PROMOTING But, for any event to be successful you need to find right audience and promote it. If […]

3 Tips for better CTA (Call to Action)

A good call to action creates a sense of urgency and  tells the subscriber or visitor exactly what they will be  getting when they click or take action. A good call to action always results in higher conversions. Well designed  Call To Action: Starts with verb or text that convey’s action:  examples  such as “Download Now!” , […]

3 Must Haves For Successful Landing Page

Success of any campaign depends on the number conversions from the landing page. A well designed landing page plays an important role in generating trust and engaging visitors. Impact-full Headline : Visitor spends a few seconds looking plus analyzing your web content before engaging, these few short words of text are absolutely critical in deciding factor for conversions. Clear […]

Email Subject Lines

Subject lines play important role in email  deliver-ability, click-throughs and conversion rates. Hence, should be short, compelling and engaging – it should create a sense of urgency and make reader eager to know more about your offer. Check out some best and worst subject line examples from MailChimp. Image: