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3 Tips for better CTA (Call to Action)

A good call to action creates a sense of urgency and  tells the subscriber or visitor exactly what they will be  getting when they click or take action. A good call to action always results in higher conversions. Well designed  Call To Action: Starts with verb or text that convey’s action:  examples  such as “Download Now!” , […]

Email Subject Lines

Subject lines play important role in email  deliver-ability, click-throughs and conversion rates. Hence, should be short, compelling and engaging – it should create a sense of urgency and make reader eager to know more about your offer. Check out some best and worst subject line examples from MailChimp. Image:

Measuring your Email Campaign Performance

You can improve your email marketing results by actually measuring them regularly.   One good thing about email campaigns is that the performance can be evaluated quick and effectively. The core metrics to be considered while measuring your emails’ performance are: % Delivered % Opened % Clicked % Unsubscribed If you study carefully the information from all of […]